Nano Particles from Negev’s bushes

In the Negev desert, some bushes pop up naturally.

They resist in such Harsh conditions, that scientists here did imagine to extract some proteins from its sap to ‘fortify’ our blended mats.


Now you know our little secret.

PEUGEOT 208 – Concept car oct, 2013

Peugeot 208 concept car

208   PEUGEOT     Concept car

url peugeot + tv program

we put all the photos of inside doors

also where we see logo ”peugeot” and logo total/….

Even to Peugeot, Total did not say it was Bamboo….

Watch the TV program here

they speak about the Peugeot 208 after 6 minutes…

Inside door with Bamboo fibres

TOYOTA Concept car – in Paris

TOYOTA  Concept car – in Paris

Toyota in Champs Elysees   Paris / FRANCE.

  Here are the URLs conserning the ‘TOYOTA Concept car”  exhibit right NOW on Champs Elysees in Paris  With the bamboo fibers from Lampoon/ BFT….

Where is it coming from ?

50.- Bamboo forest precut 1Where is it coming from ?

Organic Bamboo Industries Ltd.

Traceability and sustainability

In the bamboo forests of the mountainous areas of China’s Fujian Province.

«Bamboo has been used in China for thousands of years. Producing bamboo-based extracts and fibers is a ceremony for us, to inherit this precious historical legacy. Every step of production is quality-promised and guaranteed.”

Christian Gerig, Co-Founder and CEO Organic Bamboo Industries Ltd.

Swiss reliability and quality

The people behind Organic Bamboo dedicate themselves daily with great conviction and personal devotion. The holding company Organic Bamboo Industries Ltd. is the result of great experience, research and synergies. It is based in St. Gallen, in Switzerland. Five shareholders founded the company in 2012. The registered capital is 1.79 Mio. CHF.

Our branch (100% subsidiary of Organic Bamboo Industries Ltd.) in China holds a certificate for ISO9001. Our forest is certified organic by EcoCert according to EU and NOP standards. We can guarantee full traceability and sustainability in all stages of production.


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Bamboo Fibre the product

Bamboo fiber different sizes

Bamboo Fibre the product

The commodity of the future is BAMBOO FIBRES.

For the moment, we are among the only one in the world extracting fibres from bamboo mechanically and not either by ‘steam explosion’ or with chemicals, like in China for example.

This does preserve all the ‘fantastic’ properties of bamboo,

Since there is really no chemicals at all,

We have the “Organic certification” issued by the USA certification company,

The production consists of mainly four BIG Families of Products:

1.- Short Bamboo Fibres

2.- Medium Bamboo Fibres

3.- Long Bamboo Fibres

4.- Short Carbon Bamboo Fibres

I.- Short Bamboo Fibres:

In different ‘particle sizes’ (granulometry) 

Measurements in Microns – µ  (1.000 Microns = 1 millimeter)

From   50 µ  to 1,000 µ

with all kind of intermediary sizes.

II.- Medium fibres:

From 750 µ  to 2,000 µ



III. – Long fibers: to be made into mats

2,500µ  25 mm and up

aa) non woven mat


bb)woven  mats

looks like woven fibre glass I do not have Photo

to be then used  exactly on the same way as ‘fiberglass’ or ‘carbon fiber’ with the advantages that bamboo is lighter / 6 times then fibreglass) ; stronger (5 to 7 times) and GREENER. (Carbon footprint) and harmless for health.

And recyclable.

                 Used in aviation / automobile / ship building etc…



IV – Nano Bamboo Carbon Fiber:  

to be used in many different ways

– Cosmetics like to make a ‘mascara’

   Bamboo Carbon Fibers do have huge electro magnetic proprieties  The radio waves seem to fade out / disappear…

– For pharmaceutical industry.

– for electronic applications   have a look at: