Why Bamboo Fibre ?

10IMG4443Why Bamboo Fibre ?


   How did we reach this conclusion ?

We did created  Chalet & Bamboo in Chiang Mai / Thailand.

and wished to build prefab Cabins of 20 and 35 sq meter for export.

But we found out that with ecological, or at least non harmful methods of treatment, we could only reach 96 % efficiency, to get rid of the insects.

We tried ‘borax’ as well as ‘lime’ both with same results…

Bamboo being such a fabulous plant, we needed to find a way to use it.

By extracting the fibres mechanically in opposition of what was going on until then – ‘Steam explosion method’ or HEAVY chemicals.

We could then mix them with any kind of resin to reinforce the latter.

Not to use as a filler, but a reinforcement.

We can mix those fibres with Petrol derivative resins as well as with vegetal resins.  PE / PP and or PLA or even PBS/ TBS etc…with natural fibres, in this case it would be BAMBOO.

 We mix up to 80 % Bamboo fibre for 20 % resin as MASS % it means in weight… (since Bamboo is so light, in volume it is BIG)

Density of Bamboo: < 0,5

Density of any resin – always > 1.00

Depending on the size of the particles, we deliver in 15 KG and 20 KG vacuum bags as on the picture:

we can make compound granules with it or mix it directly with resin.

We can make mats- woven and non- woven mats it will then be used exactly as Fiberglass, and/ or carbon fibre…

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